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About Us

CloudndVoice is here to help you get set with your cloud journey. We’ve partnered up the leading vendors RingCentral, LogmelN, eSentire and Salesforce CRM Consulting Partner so that all of us can put our efforts into making sure every customer has a successful transition experience!

Work-From-Anywhere for Your Customers

Flexibility, where your team works while staying connected with the company, is essential in this new-age work-from-anywhere setup. Migrating to this communication solution we offer will bring you many benefits.

Cloud Contact Centre

Improve interaction and engagement with your customers. You’ll be able to use phone, text, chat, and email functionality seamlessly powered by RingCentral and NICE CX platform. This will allow you to communicate with your customers and improve customer experiences. Good customer engagement creates customer loyalty and provides more lucrative long-term relationships.

Cybersecurity and Password Management

The password management software on Cloud powered by LogmeIN is easy to use and incredibly secure. With it, you’ll have confidence that your passwords, accounts, and sensitive information will stay safe. Cyber risk management can be a challenge, but eSentire has you covered. By partnering with us to identify security gaps in your environment and develop comprehensive strategies for the future of cyber attacks on businesses like yours – we’ll make sure that any potential problem isn’t an issue anymore!

Salesforce CRM Consulting Partner

Save time and resources with better communication access internally and externally. Faster connectivity means increased sales and more efficient decision-making. You can track leads, close opportunities, and make accurate forecasts from anywhere, making it ideal for work from home settings.

Choose the better way to connect with your clients, improve customer experiences, and boost employee productivity.

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Worried about the future of
your business?

CloudndVoice can help you modernize your infrastructure and integrate all your business intelligence and customer data into one single platform. This will make your company armed and ready for the future. With our digital transformation services, you can provide tools for your employees to perform all tasks in one unique secured platform. The same system they use to make calls, video calls, contact centre collaboration and cybersecurity can also be used for business intelligence and customer management (CRM).

You won’t have to worry about the future of your business anymore – we’ll take care of that for you. Transform your company with CloudndVoice today!

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With our experience in the field, we can provide you with a tailored solution to help your business succeed. Whether it’s an enterprise or not-forprofit organization of any size – small businesses are what drive innovation and progress! Let us know how digital transformation will affect yours so that together may find out just what is needed for success today.

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