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Simple cloud contact centre solutions for your business

Optimise your business’s productivity and overall customer experience with simple yet powerful cloud contact centre solutions from Cloud Nd Voice.

With competition at an all-time high in today’s business environment, it’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Falling behind on customer service demands will find you lagging behind the competition — which could spell disaster for your business.

Most customer exchanges occur in the contact centre environment. By transitioning your centre into a modern cloud contact centre, you’ll equip your agents with the tools they need to provide exceptional service, which will lead to increased productivity, and revenue — a win-win for your business.

What is a cloud contact centre?

A cloud contact centre is a central point within a business through which all customer communications — inbound and outbound — are managed. Hosted on an internet server, the cloud contact centre hosts interactions through voice, social media, live chat, messaging and email from anywhere on the globe.

When it comes to efficiency, cloud-based contact centres have the edge over traditional contact centres in more ways than one. Customers are expecting their issues to be swiftly resolved on the channel of their choosing. And, they will choose to stop using a business if they are passed from agent to agent, with no result.

With a cloud-based contact centre, the struggle to meet customer expectations is a thing of the past. Advanced cloud contact centre technology replaces outdated on-premise technology to ensure your contact centre keeps up with new digital communication channels and meets customer expectations.

UCaaS and CPaaS brings various collaboration tools and communication systems together as a unified communications model. Our cloud telephony solutions won’t just transfer your calls to the cloud — it will also connect them with your CRM, video calling and messaging, and conferencing.

How a cloud contact centre technology can work for you

Cloud Contact Centre or Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is an innovative software deployment model that can help companies save money by only purchasing the technologies they need. CCaaS solutions are most commonly deployed in contact centers, but some organizations have chosen to use them for other types of customer service applications such on-premise or cloud based CX environments where there’s less demand compared with smaller businesses who may only require one person per outlet during busy times – this means you don’t need all those expensive servers!

Unlike a traditional call centre, there is no telecommunication hardware to maintain — the only requirements are an internet connection, headsets and workspaces. Calls are set up using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Once the cloud software is connected to the various digital channels, your agents are ready to receive calls and communications. Your business will be equipped to interact with customers across all of these channels.

The right contact centre system provides you with the functionality, tools, and foundation for your team to execute exceptional customer service, and it grows and scales with you.

Best cloud contact centre features

At Cloud Nd Voice, our cloud contact centre services come with a selection of robust features, including:

Intelligent routing

Deliver a better customer experience by connecting your customers with the right agents via their channel of choice.

CRM software integrations

Optimise your workflows by utilising everyday apps and customising your own.

Agent management software

Work with greater efficiency and flexibility with a user-friendly agent/management interface.

Intelligent analytics and reporting

Improve your service and sales with in-depth customer surveys and real-time reports.

Benefits of a cloud-based contact centre

Your business will enjoy several top-rated benefits when utilising a cloud-based contact centre:

Improved customer experience

An omnichannel approach to customer routing is vital for keeping customers satisfied.

Time and cost savings

Enjoy ongoing time and cost savings due to cloud technology, with less time and money spent on set-up and maintenance.

Increased agent productivity

With superior tools at their disposal, agents can provide an outstanding customer experience.

Unrivalled performance

Experience no disruption to your centre’s performance, regardless of the volume of calls, interactions or how many agents are utilised.

Flexible and scalable

There is no need for complex configurations or complicated IT requests to add more users, cases or calls.

Your leading provider of cloud contact centres in Australia

As a leading solution parter for cloud contact centre service in Australia, we are committed to helping you revolutionise customer engagement within your business with collaborative cloud contact centre technology.

We work with trusted cloud vendors to deliver you the best cloud contact centre solutions, including RingCentral, Inc., a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, collaboration, and contact centre solutions.

Further, our top 99.999% uptime SLA means that our high-level infrastructure works 24/7 to keep your business online and connected.

Get started with cloud contact centre technology today

Don’t delay — take action to drive your business forward with powerful cloud technology solutions from Cloud Nd Voice today!

In addition to industry-leading cloud contact centre services, we also provide salesforce implementation and leading cloud telephony solutions for our clients.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with cloud contact centres in Australia or about how we can help transform your business with our leading services, simply get in touch with our team today. We look forward to assisting you on your cloud journey!

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