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Cloud Telephony

Cloud communication solutions for your business

Increase efficiency in your business with cloud communication from Cloud Nd Voice. Powerful cloud communication through global platform from renowned global vendors. integrated business platform will make your phone system do more while costing less.

We understand the importance of connection now more than ever. As a leading cloud communication partner, we have partnered with key global cloud communication anc collaboration provider, we’ll equip your business with a cloud-hosted PBX network to keep you connected anywhere and at any time.

What is UCaaS ?

UC and UCaaS are both concepts that offer similar features, such as voice telephony. Video conferencing including live streaming to Business Review TV! Real-time messaging for team collaboration in real time so you can share your screens without having any trouble with interruptions or distractions from others on the call

The concept of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. This new service not only offers companies an opportunity to integrate their preferred communication tools into existing applications but also adds flexibility by allowing them the ability choose from different options when it comes time make contact with clients such as video conferencing instead messaging or even CRM context within chat conversations!

UCaaS and CPaaS brings various collaboration tools and communication systems together as a unified communications model. Our cloud telephony solutions won’t just transfer your calls to the cloud — it will also connect them with your CRM, video calling and messaging, and conferencing.

How cloud communiction can transform your business

A reliable, effective integrated communication method is crucial for any successful business. Our cloud telephony services help move your phone service to the cloud, streamlining all of your business communications while expanding with your business.
Cloud communication works by converting analog voice signals into small digital packets and then transmitting these, via the internet, to the call’s recipient. A cloud-based private branch exchange routes the call.

Rather than a landline, your business phones are plugged into your existing network. Along with a dedicated VoIP desk phone, calls can be made and received via computer or various smartphone apps.

Easily communicate internally and externally via your web browser, a downloadable desktop app, a desk phone or your mobile device.

Powerful cloud communication features

With us, you’ll enjoy powerful cloud communication features, including:

Unified communications

Consolidate your business’s phone, team messaging and video meetings.

Single phone number

Keep your personal number private by utilising one business number for calls, SMS, MMS and fax.

Advanced call controls

Manage active calls effectively with controls to transfer, park, flip or record the call.

Customised settings

Customise settings, including greetings and business hours, and efficiently route incoming calls with a multi-level auto attendant.

Flip live calls

Flip calls between your computer and mobile phone, or switch to video call in a single click.

A next-generation enterprise phone system for modern cloud business communications.

Benefits of cloud telephony for your business

A cloud communication has many advantages over a traditional on-site PBX. Here are some powerful benefits of cloud communication for your business:

Manage multiple sites

A single solution with worldwide availability makes it easy to manage multiple locations, all from a single portal.

Support remote workers

Workers can make calls and send messages from their chosen device at any time.

Cloud telephony pricing

A cloud-based phone solution will effectively eliminate your on-site PBX management costs.

Security and compliance

We’ll manage all aspects of your security, compliance, architecture and service delivery.

Flexibility and scalability

Add or remove services and users, as needed, with no disruption to your business.

A unified, collaborative hub for team messaging, video meetings, and telephony.

Cloud Nd Voice — your no 1 technology partner of cloud comminicaiton in Australia

As a leading Cloud Communication technology partner in Australia, we provide you with an improved way of selecting your next cloud communication platform and customize it with your day to day workflow and internal technology stack.

We have our own premium support all the time so if you have any issue or resolve any technical trouble shooting reach to us is just shoot one email to our friendly support desk.

By partnering with CloudndVoice for your cloud communication you can reaching new clients, boosting the productivity of your employees, and improving overall customer service.

We work with trusted and leading vendors to provide you with competitive cloud telephony pricing, ultimately leading you towards a better experience with your digital transformation journey.

Get started with a cloud telephony solution today

Is your communications system holding you back?

As workforces become more fragmented and dispersed, businesses are seeing an ever-increasing need for more meeting spaces, video, and seamless collaboration to keep teams connected no matter where they work from

Don’t delay — take the first step in propelling your business forward with the help of our consultant with leading cloud communication vendors today.

Along with industry-leading cloud telephony services, at Cloud Nd Voice, we supply leading cloud contact centre solutions and salesforce implementations for the businesses we serve.

If you have any questions about cloud communication service in Australia or how our services can help transform your business, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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