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Make it more than customer support

The cloud contact centre for skills based routing

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Record all calls to gain insight into agent performance and the customer experience, improve agent coaching.

Call recordings, monitor, whisper, barge-in, reporting and dashboards, all help lead the way to full workforce optimisation.

Serve and sell better with 40+ robust features

Intellegent Routing

Create a more personalised customer service experience for your customers by routing their calls to the right person, at just the right moment. Imagine how much easier it would be if they could perform routine operations over phone themselves and clarify needs without having you there guiding them through each step of process? By knowing who should get contacted when and why as well as being able reach out on whichever channel is most convenient so we do all our client’s interactions in an efficient manner; every single one can feel like he/she has been received with open arms

Outbound Campaign Management

With RingCentral Contact Centre Solution, you can increase sales by knowing who to contact and when. Manage retries with efficient dialing capabilities that maximise performance so callers aren’t left hanging-up on or waiting for an answer–and keep yourself compliant! Close more deals by offering help at the right time without taking away your valuable resources like staff hours spent handling chats instead of generating revenue from them as well . Walk customers through forms online whenever necessary which will reduce their wait times even further


Integrating prebuilt and open API-driven connections into any back end system, personalizing the customer experience to drive agent productivity. Benefit from focused and fast calling with just one click! The integration between your CRM interface allows you take advantage of data in order make smarter connection while building new relationships – all this is possible because it’s connected seamlessly without having clunky tools or complicated workflows taking up space on our phones A seamless way for sales people

Customer Engagement Across entire company Workspace

Your company’s contact centre can now be accessed and managed remotely with Ring Central! seamlessly move customers from local offices to your team, get insights into who is available for pick up or transfer call right when you need them. remote agents will also see availability across the entire organization so they know what kind of response time expectations should expect if something goes wrong at any point during business hours. In addition all participants on our video chat platform including managers & employees alike.

Single Vendor UCaaS + CCaaS Benefits

How many vendors do you use, or are planning to use, for your communications and customer service needs? If your answer is more than one, you’re likely suffering from high costs and unnecessary headaches.

You can download our free report now and evaluate the benefits of Single Vendor Platform

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Get Omnichannel Flexibility

Connect your inbound contact centre agents with customers on their channels of choice—not just by phone.

Setup Intellegent Routing

Deliver a smarter customer experience through AI, skills-based routing, and actionable analytics.

Enable Corporate Directory

Enable agents to collaborate with back-office experts through a shared directory and presence indication.

Enable Self-Service

An automated IVR system and robust resource centres let customers help themselves without agent intervention.

One routing engine for smoother operations

In the world of customer service, there is no such thing as one-size fits all. The needs for evolving customers and reliable operations have led companies to shift towards Contact Center 2.0 solutions that provide better reporting on performance through analytics from agents interaction with clients.

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