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Cyber Security
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RingCentral Cyber Security Salesforce


For over 20 years, eSentire has put businesses on the cutting-edge of protection against attackers that bypass traditional security controls. Our MDR services deliver 24x7x365 protection powered by our proprietary XDR platform and expert threat hunters that investigate security events and shut down attackers before they can disrupt our client’s business operations.

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22 Minutes: Compromise to Containment

Whether for monetary gain or to disrupt business operations, cybercriminals have made financial organizations a top target. A cyberattack can compromise systems that drive operations and expose their clients’ personal financial data. This can result in millions of dollars in fines and lost revenue, as well as an incalculable amount of damage to a financial firm’s reputation.

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Fraudulent Transaction Illuminates Third-Party Risk

In the summer of 2018, eSentire was engaged by a financial services firm to conduct third-party risk assessments because the firm had experienced a failed audit due to the discovery of a fraudulent transaction from a compromised third party. Being in the heavily regulated financial services industry, the client had a dedicated internal compliance team and a depth understanding of the various risks associated with information security.

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Advanced Kiosks

Cybercrime is not something that Advanced Kiosks takes lightly. With many government and healthcare organizations as customers, the kiosk hardware and software provider knew that protecting their data was not just fundamental but non-negotiable. And given the growing frequency of data breaches in the news, Advanced Kiosks understood that protecting their workplace computers was just as important as securing their products.

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Duke University

Duke University’s IT Security Office provides the strategy and tools required to protect the university’s users, systems and data. Not only does the team detect and respond to security incidents, they also provide security awareness initiatives across the campus designed to better protect Duke’s faculty, staff and students.One of the key strategies for the team is to promote good password hygiene through the use of a password manager

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Texas United Management MDR

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Hughes Hubbard & Reed MDR

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