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Duke University

“Being able to point our community to LastPass when they’re concerned about their password and account security has been beneficial to our awareness efforts.”

Shaun Juncal
Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Duke University’s IT Security Office provides the strategy and tools required to protect the university’s users, systems and data. Not only does the team detect and respond to security incidents, they also provide security awareness initiatives across the campus designed to better protect Duke’s faculty, staff and students.One of the key strategies for the team is to promote good password hygiene through the use of a password manager


Initially a supplement to their security awareness efforts, Duke made LastPass Premium available as a part of their campaign to promote the use of different passwords for each website that students visit. Soon after, they deployed LastPass Enterprise to specific campus groups that had a need to share departmental passwords, including the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

With LastPass Enterprise, OIT has made use of specific policies to increase the security around the administrator passwords shared in the tool. For example, policies have been set to require stronger passwords (length, character mixes), making these accounts more difficult to hack. Additional custom policies, like timing out when the user is idle, or when the browser is closed, further protect access to the passwords. After already implementing Duo Security for multifactor authentication (MFA), Duke integrated their Duo implementation with LastPass to require MFA when logging in to the Enterprise accounts.


  • Improve collaboration
  • Secure password sharing
  • Responsible computing culture

Several other departments at Duke have adopted LastPass Enterprise to address their specific needs. These departments were able to improve collaboration with secure password sharing, and can better manage changing passwords and access when a departmental employee leaves. Staff can also securely access departmental passwords offline when needed.

LastPass has been part of Duke University’s strategy to create strong security behaviors with the faculty, staff and students, particularly around the security of accounts and passwords. By promoting best practices to eliminate password reuse and securely store passwords, LastPass allows the Duke IT Security Office to achieve a responsible computing culture.

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