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eSentire for BioPharma

“It’s the best MDR in the industry. Customer service is top notch.”

– CISO, Medium BioPharma Company

For over 20 years, eSentire has put businesses on the cutting-edge of protection against attackers that bypass traditional security controls. Our MDR services deliver 24x7x365 protection powered by our proprietary XDR platform and expert threat hunters that investigate security events and shut down attackers before they can disrupt our client’s business operations.


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face a growing number of factors that contribute to cybersecurity incidents:

  • High-target value
  • IT and OT crossover
  • 3rd party and insider risk
  • Digital transformation
  • Limited security resources
  • Evolving threat landscape
  • Targeted attacks
  • Increasing industry spotlight
  • Growing regulations

BioPharma attackers are faster and stealthier than ever

of attackers can break through the perimeter in <5 hours

of attackers can can complete their attack <15 hours

Detection and response timeframes are too slow

of attackers report they are rarely if ever detected

days on average to detect and contain an attack

Breach costs and penalties continue to escalate

of attackers report they are rarely if ever detected

days on average to detect and contain an attack

How Does eSentire MDR Address BioPharma Challenges?

Growing Attack Surface: From research labs to remote users, eSentire MDR delivers complete threat visibility across your dynamic environment leaving attackers nowhere to hide.

Limited Cybersecurity Resources: Attackers never rest and neither do we, eSentire MDR alleviates the complexity and cost of operationalizing 24x7x365 protection so you can concentrate on research, development and clinical trials.

Advanced and Targeted Attacks: Threat actors will break through preventative controls, when they do eSentire’s cutting-edge machine learning identifies elusive threats and dangerous insiders that specifically target BioPharma organizations.

Attacker Speed and Efficiency: Current BioPharma detection and response times leave attackers with more than enough time to accomplish objectives. eSentire takes the time advantage back averaging 15 minutes to identify and stop attackers.

Compliance requirements: Growing regulations and penalties are increasing in scope and severity, eSentire MDR helps you meet mandates across HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, PCI and more.

Why eSentire Managed Detection and Response vs Others?

  • 20+ years battle-tested against the world’s most advanced BioPharma threats
  • 1000+ customers have put their trust in eSentire to be their last line of defense
  • 99% customer satisfaction rate with detection and response capabilities
  • 99% of customers report an improvement in their overall security posture
  • 15mins the industry’s leading detection to containment timeframe

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