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Cyber Security

Enhance your cybersecurity and protect your passwords with this enhanced CyberSecurity Package from CloudndVoice. Comprising two different innovative products (eSENTIRE Managed Detection and Response Software and Last Pass (Password Management System), this package strengthens your cybersecurity, minimizing the chance of data falling (or that of your clients) into the wrong hands.

Ideal for Remote Working

Due to the recent pandemic, many people are working remotely. This poses challenges for corporate security, as data is increasingly handled outside of an internal network. These two pieces of software provide a good option for remote workers, ensuring data is protected and threats are swiftly identified and neutralised.

eSENTIRE Managed Detection

This software comprehensively monitors your cloud, log, network, and endpoint. This wide-ranging surveillance enables swift detection of anything untoward at any point in your system. Once a threat has been detected, eSentire provides swift containment, preventing the threat from spreading. Once this has been achieved, remediation effectively neutralises the threat.

eSentire can work across almost any system, providing a complete security solution that adapts to your specific requirements.

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Digital transformation and cyber security

There’s little doubt that an effective digital transformation strategy must include an advanced cyber security solution. Why? Modern businesses rely on digital technologies to move forward and drive success. Digital interactions mould customer experiences, and employee productivity is directly related to unrestricted access to data and applications.

Without a robust cyber security service in place, businesses are effectively left open to digital attacks — it goes without saying that cyber security must be included in every facet of a business.

Advanced cyber security services to protect your business

When it comes to cyber security services in Australia, modern businesses are looking for a solution that ticks all boxes. In today’s ultra-connected world, with increasing numbers of employees working offsite or remotely, protecting and securing your business is more crucial than ever.

With our enhanced CyberSecurity Package, your business will benefit from the highest level of protection. Leading managed detection and response (MDR) software provides advanced round-the-clock protection, while our advanced password management system provides extra layers of security for your passwords.

Don’t allow your business to be left behind

No matter the size of your organisation, effectively securing your system, networks, and data is no longer an option — it’s a must. Successful cyberattacks have potentially devastating effects on businesses, customers and employees. Can your business afford to be left behind?

Get started with our enhanced cyber security package today

At CloudndVoice, we’ve made it easier than ever to get started with an advanced, modern cyber security solution. Working closely with eSentire and LastPass, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes gain control of their cyber security — let us now help you with our tailored cyber security consulting service. To get started, simply get in touch with our expert team today!

Choose the better way to connect with your clients, improve customer experiences, and boost employee productivity.

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Last Pass – Secure Password Protection and Generation

Passwords are a well-known security weakness: Last Pass remembers all your passwords securely. This gives users the confidence to opt for strong passwords, that may be difficult to remember without Last Pass.
Last Pass can also act as a secure store for records, documents, memberships, insurance numbers, and related information. If required, the information can be shared securely.
The software also monitors itself for any evidence of attempts at unauthorized entry, alerting the user if anything untoward is picked up.

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Managed Detection & Response for Better Cybersecurity

When you need a proactive, dependable, and sophisticated managed detection and response solution to your cybersecurity, this CyberSecurity Package is a strong combination.
Scalable, adaptable, and user-friendly, the two pieces of software in this CyberSecurity Package offer a robust defense against hackers, fraudsters, or other attempts at unauthorized access.

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Cyber security protects (or defends) networks, systems, programs and data from malicious digital attacks. The common aim of these cyberattacks is to access, destroy or alter sensitive information, interrupt business processes, or extort money from users. Implementing an effective cyber security strategy is a challenge for many modern businesses due largely to the increasingly sophisticated nature of attacks.

A robust cyber security strategy is vital for businesses of all sizes in the modern digital era. Cyber security protects all categories of data from damage and theft — this includes personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and any other type of personal or sensitive information or data. The result of a successful cyberattack can be catastrophic for business — ruining customer relationships and leaving the door open for legal issues.

At CloudndVoice, we offer an enhanced CyberSecurity Package consisting of managed detection and response (MDR) software and a password management system. We also provide our clients with managed security services and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

We work with leading vendors, including eSentire and LastPass, to bring you the ultimate cyber security services. Our solutions are suitable for all businesses. They are designed to provide a truly advanced level of threat monitoring and protection to minimise the risk of your data falling prey to intruders and external threats.

Getting started with digital transformation and cyber security services from CloudndVoice is easy! Simply contact us via our online form to book a free 15-minute discovery session. From there, we’ll work together to develop a tailored solution that best fits your business’s needs.

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With our experience in the field, we can provide you with a tailored solution to help your business succeed. Whether it’s an enterprise or not-forprofit organization of any size – small businesses are what drive innovation and progress! Let us know how digital transformation will affect yours so that together may find out just what is needed for success today.

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