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Cloud Communications – CRM Integration – Case Study – How Goosehead Insurance helped their agents give better service by switching to RingCentral

The need for world-class customer service drives the search for a better phone solution

“One of our claims to fame at Goosehead Insurance is we’ve built our entire business model around exceeding our clients’ needs,” says Michael Moxley, Goosehead’s Vice President of IT. “We give them tremendous choice of carriers and policies, and our independent franchisees deliver them the best client experience. Problem was, our legacy phone system was undermining the ability of both our in-house staff and our independent agents to deliver world-class service.”

One challenge was that the phone system was too complicated to allow for self-service administration. “If a support or sales manager needed to add a rep to their team, or make other simple adjustments to the phone system, they’d have to submit a ticket to IT and wait for us,” Moxley explains.

Monitoring calls for quality or training purposes was difficult because their phone system didn’t offer automated call-data reporting and analysis. “If you wanted to get a sense of how your team or a specific agent handled calls, you’d have to listen to a bunch of them,” Moxley explains. “That took too much time, so our managers just listened in on a small percentage at random and hoped for the best. And partly because they didn’t have that automated data, our support managers could reasonably oversee only a relatively small number of agents—may be 12 or 15 at most.”

“Because our IT team spent so much time in reactive mode, troubleshooting phones and responding to phone ticket requests, we didn’t have the time we needed to focus on proactive technology enablement that could help make our employees more productive—not to mention more satisfied with their jobs.”

Also, the previous system didn’t allow employees to place calls from any phone or computer using their business number. “That means sales reps had to forward calls to their personal cell phones when they were on the road. And if they had to transfer a call to another employee while they were away from the of{ce, they’d have to ask the caller to hang up and dial another number. That was not consistent with the professionalism or the customer-centric culture Goosehead built our business on.”

Finally, the phone system didn’t integrate with the other work|ow apps Goosehead’s staff uses every day, such as Salesforce. “This really slowed things down for our front-line reps,” Moxley says, “because for every call they’d have to look up the number and call history in Salesforce, then dial the number manually. Then they’d have to copy their notes from the call back into Salesforce.”

Only one cloud communications solution had the right people, processes, and technology

“The more we researched the industry, the more blown away we were with RingCentral,” recalls Goosehead’s Managing Director Brad Giannini. “The RingCentral sales and tech teams were entirely transparent with us, the cloud communications solution itself was clearly the best in the industry, and RingCentral’s was the only solution we found that had a full integration and true partnership with Salesforce.”

“In fact,” adds Moxley, “during some of our scope meetings, RingCentral actually brought in some Salesforce developers to talk us through the details.”

The more we researched the industry, the more blown away we were with RingCentral.

RingCentral deployment leads to many benefits

“The accolades and gratitude we’re hearing from our salespeople for switching to RingCentral is just amazing,” says Giannini. “We’d estimate the integrations with Salesforce and Google Chrome, which allow our reps to dial with a single click and automatically update prospects’ call histories, are saving them a couple of hours each day in tasks they used to do manually. RingCentral has de{nitely helped us empower our end users.”

“Another game changer for our sales team is the ability to take and make business calls from any phone or even from their computers. This helps them look a lot more professional with clients and prospects, and it lets them be more productive anywhere.”

“We’re also increasing ef{ciency and productivity,” says Moxley. “Thanks to RingCentral’s Live Reports and Analytics Portal, which lets us view and analyze 100% of our calls, we’ve been able to increase our support managers’ team capacity by 50%—meaning one manager can now oversee a group of 22 to 25 service agents (up from 12 or 15 max). As we continue to expand our support team, we can do so without needing to fill as many costly management positions.”

Deploying RingCentral is also helping the IT team free up its own time and resources for more strategic projects. “The rollout itself has been incredibly smooth,” Moxley says. “We’ve set up about 1,500 users on RingCentral without having to hire a single additional IT resource. That never would have been possible with our old phone system.”

The call reporting and analysis tools are also providing valuable business intelligence that Goosehead’s sales and service teams didn’t have previously. Moxley explains: “With the Analytics Portal, we can automatically scan all transcripts of every call, look for keywords like ‘cancel,’ and then correlate those calls to carriers or speci{c policies. Then we can contact those carriers and say, ‘Hey, your prices are getting too high, or you have a service problem, because your clients are calling us over and over to end their policies.’”

“Now that we {nally have a communications solution that largely manages itself, we can spend more of our time on the technology enablement role that can really empower our employees to be more successful.”

“We’re now on an awareness and adoption mission to help expand usage of RingCentral’s features across the organization—for example, the integration with Outlook that lets us make calls and schedule meetings right in our email program. We’re also out there showing our staff how they can take advantage of all of RingCentral’s other solutions: online meetings, business texting, team chat, online faxing, and the integrations with apps like Chrome, Outlook, and Salesforce.”

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