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Porch Gets
Complete Call Center

Porch Gets Complete Call Center for Sales & Service from RingCentral

There is a universal need for homeowners to take care of and realize the potential of their homes. Wherever and whenever needed, Porch is conveniently accessible through its website, chat, SMS, and partners such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, Wayfair, Williams-Sonoma, and more.

Porch is a partner to help maintain, care for, and improve the value of a home. For small jobs, clients can simply book a project with vetted Porch professionals at competitive fixed rates 20% below market. Customers only pay once the job is completed. For larger projects, homeowners are connected with professionals from Porch’s network of over 300K national and local providers.

There is a huge market opportunity for home services to move online. However, an estimated 90% of demand is still of|ine. The satisfaction of a home services experience is still largely reliant on a successful of|ine inhome experience. Therefore, Porch’s human operations teams are critical components of its product offering, supporting both homeowners and professionals.

Porch’s sales and service teams are constantly on the phone with customers and prospects, using Salesforce® CRM to track and manage the interactions. Initially, Porch cobbled together a physical PBX and a cloud-based call center solution (from different vendors), and then did the development work to integrate those with its CRM software.

“It was a very complex situation,” explains Ankur Pradhan, Senior Salesforce Developer at Porch. “The call center system was dropping calls, and sometimes the integration with the PBX and call center failed. There was a lot of churn.”

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