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RingCentral Solution for
Salesforce and Slack

Transform your CRM system with powerful communications capabilities

Team productivity and call efficiency

Focus on your most critical tasks with click-to-call, meeting scheduling, and call logging from within Salesforce.

Key customer information

Get a 360° view of the customer from informational screen pop-ups and build flexible reports and dashboards of key customer interactions.

Work the way you want

Extend the capabilities of your phone system within the Salesforce mobile app, available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

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RingCentral Contact Centre for Salesforce with OMNICHANNEL ROUTING

Speed up service

Route inbound calls based on capacity, availability, and rules you define in one easy-to-use interface.

One routing engine for smoother operations

Optimise productivity and customer experience by handling multiple digital and voice interactions based on individual capacity.

Resolve issues faster with skills-based routing

Connect customers to the best available agent. Set up queues based on agent skill, language, or even specific channels.
Deepen relationships with personalised routing

View recent purchases, VIP status, or the last agent a customer interacted with to identify the best agent for each conversation.

Automate sales and service cycles. See for yourself.

Make calls right from your work queue and log calls with a HVS disposition to move a sales cadence forward.

Schedule meetings

Seamlessly schedule RingCentral Video meetings from Salesforce.

Instant screen pop

Incoming calls trigger screen pops with a 360° view of the caller.


Place calls from within Salesforce by clicking on any phone number.

Performance reporting

View a complete dashboard of your team’s total calls, average duration/amount of calls, and the call disposition and direction.

Call logging

Get advanced features like offline call logging and the multi-call log option.

Ringcentral Contact Centre Solution for Salesforce

The RingCentral Contact Cloud solution is a cloud-based contact centre that provides an outbound, inbound and blended call model. Handle communications across multiple channels—voice calls, emails, chats, social media posts or text messages—all from one place. It supports agent queues based on skill level, language skills and more to provide the highest quality

One routing engine for smoother operations

Ringcentral for Salesforce is the first unified cloud contact centre solution that brings together all your communications channels to one single platform. Optimise productivity and customer experience by handling multiple digital and voice interactions based on individual capacity.

Outbound Campaign Management

Increase sales by knowing who to contact and when, and manage retries and preferred channels.

Screen Pop ups

Provide agents with critical customer information at just the right time to help them close a deal or provide a positive customer experience.

Contact Centre SFDC Contact Centre SFDC

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