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RingCentral for
Legal Practice

You want to streamline operations for your legal practice, but you’re not sure where to start.

RingCentral is a modern business phone system that integrates with all the apps and services your legal firm needs in one workspace. It’s like having an office assistant who can do everything from schedule meetings to send invoices—all without leaving the app or service you need.

New AI-powered meeting summaries, live transcription, automatic call recording and analytics, RingCentral RoomsTM create multiple online meeting room to maintain client privacy and built-in infinite whiteboard – makes meetings effortless so you never miss a beat

RingCentral offers a suite of communications tools that make it easier for your firm to get more done in less time. With all the features you need, including team messaging, video conferencing, phone service with extensions—all in one workspace—your firm can be more accessible by clients and colleagues alike.

Download this E-BOOK now for details on how RingCentral can help your law firm save time, money, and make it easier than ever before to collaborate with clients and team members as well as clients.

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