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No two companies experience the same Salesforce journey, which is why our engagements are tailored to your specific requirements. We provide a complete Salesforce solution, mapping out a strategic pathway to optimize the efficiency of your business from the outset, before facilitating your experience with the cutting-edge Salesforce marketing and cloud automation technology.

Improve Customer Engagement

This CRM platform is a single, cloud-based platform that supports calls, video conferencing, and messaging. With global reach, it facilitates national and international transactions smoothly and safely. The platform also supports the Salesforce CPQ function – the perfect tool for sellers who need to give customers a fast, accurate quote on a product that has a complex specification.

Salesforce Cloud

The Salesforce Cloud provides a way of automating and streamlining a wide range of business processes, ultimately increasing efficiency (and reducing overheads) at the same time as providing the high level of customer service your audience deserves.

When you use Salesforce Cloud, your agents always have the information they need to deal with customers promptly and efficiently. The Cloud automates many activities, freeing up your precious human resources for more complex customer interactions.

In addition, the Cloud is scalable, which means it can accommodate business growth, and changes in direction seamlessly.

Salesforce Consulting Partner Service

CloudndVoice is dedicated to optimizing the Salesforce experience for businesses of all sizes. Our team offers tailored support at every step, providing effective solutions from the early planning stages onward. We use a proven platform to support your Salesforce experience, ensuring you enjoy a reliable, results-driven service that maximizes the chances of achieving ambitious business goals.

Calculate Your Salesforce CRM Investment Calculate Your Salesforce CRM Investment

Boost your business with a tailored Salesforce solution

In the modern digital world, many smart businesses harness the power of technology to improve customer experiences and drive their business forward. A robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a must when managing customer relationships to achieve better business outcomes.

As the world’s most trusted CRM platform, Salesforce is the ultimate tool for managing productivity, sales and contacts. It possesses unrivalled capabilities in unifying teams and automating processes to deliver customers a high-level experience and increase overall business efficiency.

Salesforce implementation made simple

We’ve partnered with Salesforce to provide our clients with industry-leading, cost-effective Salesforce solutions. As a leading Salesforce implementation consultant, we’ll examine your objectives and then provide a customised solution ideal for your unique business needs.

As part of our Salesforce implementation services, we provide your business with a complete Salesforce migration and integration, helping you access a wide range of Salesforce features and streamline separate processes with no risk of data loss. And, for added peace of mind, we’ll provide you with ongoing Salesforce support to ensure your platform runs consistently at a high-performance level.

Your trusted Salesforce implementation partners

At CloudndVoice, we believe that embracing the power of smart technology is no longer an option for modern business — it’s a must. And for a customer-focused business to thrive in the modern world, it needs a CRM platform that is not only smart but powerful and reliable. As your trusted Salesforce partners in Australia and Canada, we will provide your business with just that!

Keen to learn more about how we can help drive your business forward with the power of technology? Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers say about our services, or contact us to get started on your journey today.

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With our experience in the field, we can provide you with a tailored solution to help your business succeed. Whether it’s an enterprise or not-forprofit organization of any size – small businesses are what drive innovation and progress! Let us know how digital transformation will affect yours so that together may find out just what is needed for success today.

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For a business to grow, it needs to keep its customers satisfied. As the most trusted CRM platform globally, Salesforce brings businesses and customers together by allowing business teams to work together as one from anywhere to maintain a base of satisfied customers everywhere.

Using cloud technology in platforms such as Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce allows businesses to more effectively connect with customers, as well as help to track customer activity, manage accounts, and market to customers among other things.

There are several components toSalesforce implementation. After an initial Salesforce consultation wherein a tailored solution is devised for your business, we’ll provide Salesforce migration and integration services, followed by ongoing Salesforce support to ensure your system continues to work optimally.

A Salesforce Implementation Partner is an organisation that is authorised to implement CRM services and solutions on behalf of Salesforce. As an accredited partner, CloudndVoice has been approved by Salesforce as an Consulting Partner  to carry out Salesforce implementations for the clients we serve.

CloudndVoice can help your business with each stage of Salesforce implementation, including:

  • Consulting —We examine your business’ specific requirements.
  • Customisation — We devise a tailored Salesforce solution for your business.
  • Migration — We carry out your Salesforce migration.
  • Integration — We integrate your Salesforce with any third-party applications.
  • Support — We provide ongoing Salesforce support.
  • Customised app development — We provide customised apps to help move your business forward.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started on your business transformation journey with us — simply phone us at (02) 9051 0700, contact us via our online form or email us at We look forward to serving you.