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Increase efficiency with powerful unified communications solutions

Modern workplaces need modern solutions to maintain productivity and stay ahead of the curve. In today’s digital landscape, the old way of doing things is simply no longer cutting it. Work is no longer confined to a fixed desk, computer or phone — employees and stakeholders now need the capability to stay remotely connected.

With a unified communications solution, employees can access communication and collaboration apps from one centralised hub. As a result, they’ll enjoy easier collaboration, smoother workflows and greater flexibility with their communications technology. What’s not to love?

Unified communications to help drive your business forward

A unified communications system combines all your business communication channels, including voice, messaging, video and content sharing, allowing integrated access across systems, channels, networks, apps and devices. This means employees can video chat, instant message, file share, and more through a single interface.

With a unified communications solution streamlining your workplace processes, your business will start to enjoy an increase in employee productivity and organisational agility — and a reduction in operating costs. And, with a unified communications as a service(UCaaS) model, the solution is delivered via the internet and hosted by an external provider, allowing your business to enjoy even greater levels of flexibility and scalability.

CloudndVoice — your trusted choice for UCaaS providers in Australia

Are you ready to harness the power of unified communications to drive your business forward? To ensure you get a solution that perfectly fits your business needs, you’ll need expert partners by your side.

At CloudndVoice, we’ve partnered with leading cloud service vendors to help businesses automate processes and provide flawless customer experiences. View our customer testimonials to see what we’ve been able to achieve so far, or contact us to get started on a unified communications solution for your business today!


A unified communications (UC) system is a system that effectively combines an organisation’s communication methods, including voice, video, messaging and content sharing. UC can be hosted on-premise, on an external (third-party) server, or in the cloud. Cloud hosting is unified communications as a service(UCaaS).

A unified communications system links multiple business communication modes into one system of consolidated applications or even a single application that manages it all.

Unified communications as a service(UCaaS) is a cloud-based service wherein a range of bundled communication and collaboration tools are made accessible from the cloud to users (businesses) who pay for the services they specifically require.

Simply put, modern workplaces require modern, technologically driven solutions to maintain productivity and move forward. By embracing unified communications and collaboration tools in the workplace, employees can enjoy increased levels of efficiency as common tasks are streamlined through integration.

There are several key benefits of unified communications for the modern workplace. Streamlining communication into one centralised application allows for increased productivity, efficiency and agility at work. In addition, customer service is improved, and remote work is made simpler.

At CloudndVoice, we work with leading and trusted cloud vendors, including RingCentral, to provide a range of unified communications solutions. Our solutions combine your organisation’s various communication and collaboration methods into one interconnected system.

At CloudndVoice, we are your trusted provider of unified communications solutions in Australia. Along with working with leading cloud vendors to provide you with the best UCaaS experience at an affordable price, we provide clear overviews of all of our processes, ensuring you receive the best possible transition experience.